Let’s Get Physical, and Not the Fun Kind

It seems like every month there is a new fitness fad gracing the golden city (I don’t think anyone calls Los Angeles this, but I do…now), and I actually give most of these… Continue reading

I’m Sexy and I Know It (for 3:19 minutes)

If you’re like me, your workout music can make or break your fitness routine. I continually scour the internet and itunes for the latest treadmill worthy jams and wanted to share some of… Continue reading

Why can’t work be both business and personal?

I still remember the first time I saw “You’ve Got Mail,” I was in 8th grade and went with my mom to a show in Scottsdale, Arizona. My mother, who refuses to watch… Continue reading


Men can be pansies, let’s face it. It’s rare for any man to ever actually instigate a break up. They do what I like to call, ‘the coward’s breakup,’ where they basically treat… Continue reading

My right to choose… vegetables and everything else.

“The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.” Dr. Ann Wigmore I’ve been a vegetarian since I was ten years… Continue reading

Favorite Vegan Lunch Recipe: Lemon Quinoa Cilantro Chickpea Salad

I found this recipe on thediva-dish.com, and while she has tons of amazing concoctions, this one is absolutely unbelievable! It’s a guaranteed “favorite” dish at any pot luck or lunch and loaded with… Continue reading

150 Calorie Obsession: Arctic Zero

If you don’t live in LA, it’s unlikely your actor/waiter informed you of the miracle of Arctic Zero, so I’m here to give you the literal and figurative scoop. I adore, crave and… Continue reading

You can have it all, but do you want it?

I was in a Pilates class one morning with nine other women when my instructor asked who here already had children. Two women in their 50’s proudly but politely raised their hands. Of… Continue reading


I have long had a love affair with sugar in all its forms. Chocolate chip cookies rarely make it to the oven and generally stay in a pile of cookie dough with a… Continue reading

The “Traditional” Indian Re-Naming Ceremony

Part of me wants to thank my parents for their positive outlook on change, because as a result I have no fear of the unknown and often seek out change, any kind of… Continue reading